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    Mild formulation containing Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Pro-vitamin B5 makes this shampoo excellent for regular use. This shampoo will condition the coat between shows for winning results, or for use on puppies to prepare the hair for their showing career. Gently cleanses while re-moisturising and restoring the coat. Also excellent for smoothing and detangling the coat. An essential shampoo for every breeder! Leaves the coat shiny and full of lustre. Suitable for all coat types Beautiful Vanilla, sandal and musk scent Dilutes at 15:1
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    Prince Premium Beef, Papaya, Carrot & Spinach 400gr

    €1.90 incl tax
    A premium selection of foods formulated to suit all healthy dogs and those suffering from allergic related conditions. For diet rotation – fresh prime cuts of high quality exotic meats (gmo free) complete with natural immuno ingredients: vegetables, fruits and herbs to promote all round good health and ?tness for dogs of any age. Made in Germany Ingredients: 60% Beef, 24.65% Water broth, 4% Carrots, 3% Papaya, 3% Sweet potato, 2% Spinach, 2% Brown rice, 1% Carageenan and Guar gum, 0.15% Calcium carbonate, 0.1% Sun?ower oil, 0.1% Linseed oil, 0.1% Shell meat meal

    Braaaf Drumstick Duck 12.5 cm

    €4.00 incl tax
    Braaaf's chew snacks are made out of the very best basic products. The Braaaf products are checked daily for quality and hygiene to keep quality standards high.


    €3.25 incl tax

    Deliciously tasty and natural, our new Pure Duck Pate for dogs is not only healthy but totally irresistible too. Made from 100% fresh Duck with no offal, these tempting treats are also grain and gluten free.


    Our Pure Duck Pate are simply irresistible:-

    • They are made from 100% fresh meat (single source protein) – no offal!
    • Made from the same human grade meat as our irresistible pure sticks and training treats
    • Unique firm ‘paté like’ texture ideal for stuffing kongs/toys but firm enough to cut into cubes
    • Perfect for using as a topper for both kibble and raw fed dogs
    • Great as a training treat
    • Grain and gluten free – no preservatives… nothing!
    • More varieties and sizes coming soon

    Key advantages of these great honest and guilt-free treats include:-

    • 100% natural
    • Easy to digest
    • Grain and gluten free
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Naturally low in fat
    • High in protein
    • No preservatives
    • Healthy and nutritious

    Pure Duck Pate, 100% natural dog treats with no preservatives, simply the finest cuts of fresh meat…that’s it!


    €3.75 incl tax

    Our Pure Beef Sticks are simply irresistible:-


    • Suitable for all breeds, both raw and kibble-fed dogs
    • No offal, just premium cuts of human grade meat
    • Single source protein treats
    • Responsibly sourced
    • Great for dogs with allergies
    • Suitable for puppies 4 weeks and over

    Key advantages of these great honest and guilt-free dog treats include:-

    • 100% natural
    • Easy to digest
    • Grain and gluten free
    • Naturally low in fat
    • High in protein
    • Hypoallergenic
    • No additives or preservatives
    • Healthy and nutritious

    The award-winning Pure Range, made from 100% fresh meat…thats it! Simply the best cuts of human grade meat air dried.


    €6.75 incl tax
    Specially formulated to clean sensitive eyes and remove tear staining. Daily use helps prevent brown stains from reappearing. Pack of 100 round wipes. (5,4cm dia)