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    Pet Grooming Service

    Our Grooming Salon in Fgura, we take pride in offering grooming services for dogs, cats, and rabbits. Our highly experienced groomer, Noelle Darmanin, with over 10 years in the grooming industry, ensures your pet receives top-notch care. What sets us apart is that we are a dedicated team of groomers who have all undergone a professional grooming course, further enhancing our skills and knowledge. We use high-end brands such as ShowTech, Groom Professional, and Chris Christensen to groom pets according to their unique coat condition, ensuring they look and feel their best. When you bring your pet to our salon, you can rest assured that Noelle and her team of seasoned professionals will take excellent care of them. We will personally consult with you to understand your pet's specific needs and recommend the most suitable grooming services to bring out the best in their coat

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    1. Brushing: Brushing the pet's coat to remove tangles, mats, and loose fur, which helps keep the coat healthy and clean.

    2. De-shedding: Specialized treatment to reduce shedding by removing excess loose fur, particularly useful for breeds that shed a lot.

    3. Dematting & Styling: Removing mats and tangles from the pet's coat and then styling it according to the owner's preferences.

    4. Wash & Dry: Bathing the pet, followed by thorough drying to ensure they are clean and comfortable.

    5. Nail Trim: Clipping the pet's nails to an appropriate length to prevent overgrowth and discomfort.

    6. Ear and Eye Cleaning: Cleaning the ears and eyes to maintain good hygiene and prevent infections.

    7. Scissoring Feet & Pad Shaving: Trimming the fur on the pet's feet and pads to keep them clean and comfortable.

    8. Sanitary Trim: Trimming the fur in the genital and anal areas for cleanliness and hygiene.

    9. Anal Gland Cleaning: Emptying the anal glands to prevent discomfort or health issues.

    10. Flea Treatment: Applying products or treatments to control and prevent fleas and ticks.

    11. Hand Stripping: A specialized service for certain breeds to remove dead hair by hand.

    12. Nail Caps for Cats: Applying nail caps to prevent scratching damage to furniture and skin.

    13. Coat Treatment: Providing treatments to maintain the health and appearance of the pet's coat.

    14. Show Dog Grooming: Preparing dogs for shows according to their breed standards, which requires specific grooming techniques and attention to detail.

    It's great that you offer a wide range of services to cater to various pet grooming needs, from basic hygiene to more specialized treatments. Customers can choose the services that best suit their pets' requirements. Additionally, it's important to inform potential customers that you are not currently accepting new customers for hand stripping.

    Meet the Staff

    Noelle Darmanin (Professional Pet Groomer)

    Noelle Darmanin during grooming


    1. Global Experience: Studying abroad shows a commitment to expanding horizons. It exposed her to diverse grooming techniques and international industry standards.

    2. Continuous Growth: Her dedication to ongoing education and staying updated on product knowledge is crucial in the ever-evolving pet grooming field. It ensures the delivery of top-notch care and services.

    3. Business Savvy: Owning a pet grooming salon reflects not just skill but also business acumen. Managing such an establishment in this industry is a testament to her leadership and management abilities.

    4. Teaching Prowess: Instructing pet-related courses like Pet First Aid and Professional Pet Grooming highlights expertise and a willingness to share knowledge. This contributes to raising industry standards and promoting safe pet care practices.

    5. Diverse Offerings: Beyond grooming, she offers a variety of courses, including Pet First Aid. This showcases a comprehensive understanding of pet care and safety, benefiting both pet owners and professionals.

    In summary, her international exposure, commitment to learning, salon ownership, and teaching activities underscore her standing as a knowledgeable and experienced expert in the pet grooming and care industry. These contributions benefit clients and the wider pet care community.