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    Manufacturer: Prince

    Prince Premium Beef, Papaya, Carrot & Spinach 400gr

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    A premium selection of foods formulated to suit all healthy dogs and those suffering from allergic related conditions. For diet rotation – fresh prime cuts of high quality exotic meats (gmo free) complete with natural immuno ingredients: vegetables, fruits and herbs to promote all round good health and ?tness for dogs of any age. Made in Germany Ingredients: 60% Beef, 24.65% Water broth, 4% Carrots, 3% Papaya, 3% Sweet potato, 2% Spinach, 2% Brown rice, 1% Carageenan and Guar gum, 0.15% Calcium carbonate, 0.1% Sun?ower oil, 0.1% Linseed oil, 0.1% Shell meat meal
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    €14.50 incl tax
    Mild formulation containing Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Pro-vitamin B5 makes this shampoo excellent for regular use. This shampoo will condition the coat between shows for winning results, or for use on puppies to prepare the hair for their showing career. Gently cleanses while re-moisturising and restoring the coat. Also excellent for smoothing and detangling the coat. An essential shampoo for every breeder! Leaves the coat shiny and full of lustre. Suitable for all coat types Beautiful Vanilla, sandal and musk scent Dilutes at 15:1

    Cibau - Adult Medium

    €10.62 incl tax


    €9.95 incl tax
    Based on essential oils, Show Tech Ear Care stimulates the circulation and works quickly to dissolve ear wax and build up while reducing unpleasant odours. Simply apply a few drops and massage the ear gently before cleaning with a cotton pad or bamboo stick.


    €7.95 incl tax
    This special conditioner made with Aloe Vera & Wheat proteins improves the coat's structure and gives extra shine. Its moisturizing and antistatic properties help remove stubborn tangles and make it easier to comb, while leaving a soft, silky finish and reducing the drying time. Contains glycerine and humectant to maintain the coat’s humidity and protect bathers’ hands.

    Braaaf Twister Braids 6 cm (5 pcs)

    €3.50 incl tax
    Chewing every day ensures a clean denture. During chewing the chew scrapes off the plaque and tartar from the dog's teeth. • It keeps the gum in good condition, which again makes your dog healthier and less susceptible to diseases and infections. • Chewing is a good exercise for the jaw, neck muscles, leg and back muscles of your dog. • Because chewing on a chew for the dog is an intense and satisfying activity, your dog will be mentally and physically tired and satisfied.