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    Manufacturer: Hol-ee

    PoopyGo Eco friendly 120 pcs (8x15 bags) Lavender scented

    €4.50 incl tax
    Cleaning up is a must, but please do it in an eco-friendly way! Use the PoopyGo biologically degradable poop bags and contribute to a greener and cleaner world. PoopyGo, the best choice for nature! With lavender scent Biodegradable For dogs of all sizes The biodegradable PoopyGo Bio Poop Bags are bigger, stronger, better for the environment and at the same time, easy to use. With their fresh lavender scent, the bags also smell nice. Because of their size, they fit in all dispensers, making them ideal to take anywhere.
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    €4.00 incl tax
    This silicone feeding spoon is retractable and can also be used as a measuring glass, but also as a clip to attach your pet's kibble bag. Dishwasher safe.


    €4.50 incl tax
    Unicorn shaped toy that makes a noise when pressed. Unicorn plush sound with horn and golden legs. Length of the stuffed toy: 15cm

    Charley & Molly Comfort Plush Donut

    €3.95 incl tax
    Lovely soft Plush donut Perfect for a game of fetch. Especially for small dog breeds and puppies.

    Eat Slow Live Longer Tumble Feeder

    €12.50 incl tax
    Eat Slow Live Longer Tumble Feeder Quickly and rushed eating, gobbling, can lead to torsion of the stomach. Symptoms of a stomach torsion are: Increased saliva production, the expansion of the abdominal cavity and false vomiting. In addition, the dog gets too much air inside when he gobbles, this leads to flatulence. With the Eat Slow Live Longer your dog will chew better which has a positive impact on the health of the teeth. Made with food safe plastics. NO BPA/ NO PVC / No Phthalates.


    €6.50 incl tax
    Specially formulated with aloe vera & lanolin to clean ear wax and other ear discharge. Daily use helps prevent infection and minimize ear odor. 12,5x20cm. These scented wipes have a pleasant baby powder fragrance. Pack of 60 wipes come in a convenient, snap-shut dispenser.