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    €12.95 incl tax
    Complementary feed for dogs in paste, especially those subjected to efforts like work or sport. Product designed and created specifically for those dogs that have an immediate and effective need for an energy supplement. As for man, even the animal, subjected to a continuous effort given both by work and by a sport that requires a lot of energy, may need immediate integration. Its specifically designed ingredients, aimed at the animal's energetic support, provide "energy ready to use" to help the dog during the activity. Thus was born CelerVis Pet® which, thanks to all its ingredients, specifically studied, aimed at supporting the animal's energy (for example, vitamins such as B12 or B6; minerals such as iron; proteins such as taurine and carnitine) , provides "ready to use energy" to help the dog during the activity. For this purpose, the choice of the appropriate dosage form is also aimed, a paste that is easier to administer to your animal and also more easily assimilated; in quantities, according to weight, as per instructions on the package. In its renewed formulation has been added the blend ProVisPet® , exclusively for Dogoteka, which combines the properties of Carnitine, Maca (Lepidium Meyeni) and Medical Herb (Medicago Sativa) in a mix specially designed to promote the proposed action of the product. A pool of substances that work together to optimize the energy yield of the ingredients. Carnitine, an amino acid important for the formation of energy, in association with the two plant extracts which, within their composition, boast a large amount of all those nutrients, also essential for energy support during periods of stress or great efforts and to integrate the components that are "consumed" during physical activity. Formulation able to offer the body a prolonged energy reserve over time. Recommended for dogs that: practice sport or work convalescent subjects debilitated subjects lactating females post-operative

    cocoNUT oIL 200ml

    €8.85 incl tax
    Coconut oil has many benefits for animals. In dogs, it helps regulate insulin levels and promotes the balance of the thyroid flora, thus helping sedentary animals to optimize their energy and lose weight. It also has many benefits on the skin and coats of animals.


    €13.95 incl tax
    Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules contain the highest available levels of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), the omega 6 fatty acid, beneficial for skin and coat condition. Skin renewal, scurfiness, dryness and coat shine are all influenced by the important omega fatty acids. Evening Primrose Oil Capsules are recommended for preparation of show dogs, breeds with long coats and after a moult or other conditions causing hair loss. Evening primrose is also well known for its ability to restore reproductive hormone imbalances which can affect behaviour and coat quality.


    €9.95 incl tax
    Using a special variety of Kelp, Fucus vesiculosus, which is a rich source of minerals, trace elements and organic fibres, this supplement makes a great nutritional supplement and also promotes coat growth and helps to maintain good pigmentation, especially through the winter. The kelp used is harvested from sustainable deep sea sources and its British Herbal Pharmacopoeia status shows it contains no heavy metals or contaminants. For a higher strength preparation try our Kelp Seaweed Tablets which also contain concentrated kelp extract.


    €8.45 incl tax
    Containing tasty and nutritious ingredients this herbal supplement is idea for tempting pets with poor appetites. • Aniseed in the formula aids digestion and is appealing to the taste • Kelp provides all the essential micronutrients • Malt extracts gives energy as well as vitamin B These great sources of energy and micronutrients mean this is the supplement to give fussy eaters or animals recovering from physical or mental challenges and needing to restore body condition.

    Joint PROTECTION and CONTROL of inflammation & pain

    €55.00 incl tax
    Complementary feed in tablets for large breed dogs useful for maintaining the proper functioning of the osteoarticular apparatus. Joint PROTECTION and CONTROL of inflammation and pain. INDICATIONS to keep intact and functional joints of dogs subjected to work, also intense to prevent articular degeneration for inflammation of joints and tendons for protection of ligaments and tendons for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis

    MULTI ADAPT Nutritional Supplement

    €23.95 incl tax
    MultiAdapt® is a multifactorial nutritional supplement, useful in promoting natural immune defenses, to optimize metabolism and muscle recovery. INDICATIONS dietary supplement of the daily ration also helpful in maintaining the skin and the hair in excellent conditions to maintain muscle tone perfect in dogs undergoing work to satisfy the nutritional needs of growing puppies, pregnant and nursing mothers and elderly dogs and cats in post-operative periods in the convalescence of debilitating diseases due to stimulation of immune defenses due to its specific components as a help in antibiotic treatments

    Omega Boost

    €7.95 incl tax
    Essential Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for overall physical health and is multifunctional for each animal! Supplementary feed for dogs, cats and other pets. Omega Boost is a mix of special selected oils of Rapeseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Corn Oil. Omega Boost contains a high proportion of essential Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for the daily requirement. Omega Boost give a healty skin, shiny coat, optimal intestinal function and good food combustion. Omega Boost is safe to use at dogs or cats with fish allergy. For all pets multifunctional with visible results. Wy provide Omega Boost? • At moult • Recovery from illness or surgery • For a shiny coat • Support and recovery of (dry) skin • Support heart and arteries • For optimal intestinal function • For overall health


    €35.00 incl tax
    Complementary feed in tablets for puppies and kittens in growth. PROMOTES A HARMONIOUS DEVELOPMENT OF THE BONES AND JOINTS OF DOGS AND CATS IN THE AGE OF DEVELOPMENT INDICATIONS promotes a harmonious development of the bones and joints of cats and dogs in the age of development helps to prevent disorders in growth and ossification in young dogs and cats strenghtens joints to strenghten ligaments and tendons to protect the joints from the micro trauma in young dog and cat


    €15.30 incl tax
    Contains 24% calcium, 8% phosphorus, as well as minerals. Does not contain vitamins. Calcium growth helps to regulate known deficiencies following too much vitamin intake. From 6 weeks to 24 months, calcium growth ensures an optimal and balanced formation of the skeleton and a healthy dentition.


    €15.50 incl tax
    500 000 MCG of BIOTINE (H vitamin) per kg. Mini tablets specially made for small breeds, puppies and cats Tablets for dogs and cats : Till 2kgs : 1 tab / day Till 5 kg : 2 tab / day Till 10 kg : 3 tab / day Till 20 kg : 4 to 6 tab / day Cat : 2 tab / day BIOTINE : Sulfuric fatty acid, rich in H vitamin, biotine grants beauty and vitality to the coat of your dog and cat. It stimulates the growth of the coat and the under coat, eliminates dandruff, cleanses skin and enhances pigmentation. For dogs and cats, a clean skin along with a vigorous and shiny coat are proof of halthyness. In order to prevent hair loss and skin desorders, we recommend to add a biotine food supplement to a daily meal.


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