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    Groom Professional Matt Splitter Dematting skill is something that is developed with practice over time, much like scissoring and styling. Matt splitting requires care and attention, because you are using a very sharp tool there is always the danger of slicing something besides hair! Watch out for edges of ears, folds of skin and the tips of tails. Products which make the hair slippery will ease detangling efforts. Kind and Effective Grooming Aid Cuts through matts and tangles Tapered safety guide penetrated tangle Steel blade glides through Top Tip: Try this product along with a detangling agent, see below: Wondercoat The Stuff
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    JR PETS 100% Ostrich Trachea (limited stock)

    €10.00 incl tax
    100% Ostrich Stomach - Naturally rich in vitamins & Minerals High in lean protein very LOW fat Hypoallergenic Novel protein No additives, preservatives, grain free & gluten free Responsibly sourced from the leading Ostrich manufacturers in South Africa Low odour & non greasy Air dried to maintain natural goodness Resealable sip lock bag Analytical Constituents: Protein 79.4%, Natural Fats & Oils 7%, Moisture 9%, Fibre 0.9%


    €5.95 incl tax
    JR’s Braided Lamb Dog Chew for dogs are delicious, low-fat and 100% pure meat. Hypoallergenic so perfect for dogs that are sensitive to beef or pork, these yummy treats are ideal for training or as a snack. Safe and highly digestible making it the perfect treat for your pet. Our Braided Lamb treats for dogs are simply irresistible:- Suitable for all breeds Single source protein treats Grain and gluten free Responsibly sourced Great for dogs with allergies Suitable for puppies 12 weeks and over Key advantages of these great honest and guilt-free chews include:- 100% natural Easy to digest Grain and gluten free Natural dental chew Naturally low in fat High in protein No additives or preservatives Healthy and nutritious Braided Lamb treats, 100% natural dog treats with no additives or preservatives, totally irresistible!


    €10.75 incl tax
    This wonderful product will add instant condition to any pets coat and skin whilst de-tangling, leaving behind a fresh smell but no greasy residue to go with it. This spray can be used on both short and long haired coats. Helps to condition both the coat and skin Has a clean fresh smell Leaves no grease or residue Suitable for short of long coats To Use: Simply spray on the coat before brushing through. Depending on the coat use either a comb or a slicker brush. This can be used before washing and after washing to give the coat excellent condition.