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    Manufacturer: Braaaf

    Braaaf Pressed Chicken Bones 12.5 cm (2 pcs)

    €3.30 incl tax
    Braaaf Pressed Bone Chicken Your dog will definitely enjoy Braaaf's pressed bone wrapped in delicious chicken meat! Thanks to the delicious meat around the bone, this bone will even be tasty for the pickiest dogs! Quality and Hygiene Braaaf's chew snacks are made out of the very best basic products. The Braaaf products are checked daily for quality and hygiene to keep quality standards high. Chewing is a very important part of the day for your dog. It has several positive effects on your dog's health. • Chewing every day causes the dog to have clean teeth. Dental plaque and tartar are scraped off the teeth while chewing on the chew snacks • It keeps the gums in good condition which causes your dog to be healthier and less susceptible to diseases and infections. • Chewing on a chew snack is a good exercise for your dog's jaws, neck- , leg- and back muscles. • Because chewing on a chew snack is an intensive and satisfying activity for the dog, your dog will be mentally and physically tired and satisfied. Size BRAA400272: 12,5 cm - 120 gr (2 PCS) BRAA400274: 20 cm - 165/175 gr BRAA400276: 26 cm - 250 gr
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